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  • Dust


    I find it easier to collect dust than move it around from feathery place to place.Dust is history. It holds the flavors of myself.Dust contains my words.It sits on my mantle adding more specks every year,life upon life on death.I see God in its ashes—He is dust and Dust is everythingIt swirls in endless ribbons…

  • Down Swing

    Down Swing

    I’m too old to swing in the air,let the wind blow my hair wild.I have grown beyond childish things. Gravity-time has chained me here.Now, I hold all of my fears dear,huddled in all my tears to care.This cheap pipe playground has rusted,lasting just one trusted summer.Childless, I’m not my mother’s peer. She exists all dead…

  • Sunflowers Flash Bye

    Sunflowers Flash Bye

    In my car, I speed by a field of sunflowers following the light as the sun follows them,  their life with me over in the flash of an eye, leaving only remembered halos in the shadows of buzzing bees whose journey, like mine, will be over by day’s end.

  • Parrots Call the Colors of a 1000 Names Remembered

    Parrots Call the Colors of a 1000 Names Remembered

    They meet everyday in the vermillion walltender colors of viridescent and lapis lazuli thatcaress the blood before it stains then fades,calling the colors of a thousand names rememberedThey drop their cracked seeds to be mashed into the mud of the cobbled street belowpreening each other’s feather to a quiet array,moaning softly, butting heads in ritual…

  • The Squirrel Holds Tight the Acorn

    The Squirrel Holds Tight the Acorn

    When I looked again, the squirrel with the acorn was gone, perhaps vanishing behind the trees.Minutes later, I noticed her gray shadow.She moved to me then ran the other way.In her fright, she did not notice the car, and the car did not notice her. For the driver, the squish could of have been another…

  • Magnolias


    The Japanese Magnolias lean into the cicadas chirr,into the every shadows of the day,before returning back to the very open airthey keep to themselves before they die.

  • New Year’s Eve Comes and Goes

    New Year’s Eve Comes and Goes

    A friend I’ve know for but a year came a knock, knock, knocking at my door.He was cold and thin, and even though he wanted in, I did not open the door.He was once such a grand delight but now he was so so such a bore. Knock, knock, knock, his knuckles rappedagain, again. I…

  • Mirror, Mirror

    Mirror, Mirror

    The light Light the in the mirror mirror in the casts its casts it light lights, on the light not the light that has been that’s been cast away, cast away, that reverse reverse that to what is which is too real. real.The looking glass proclaims only the life that is in its light. Life…

  • The Water Calls  Us Down

    The Water Calls Us Down

    The water call us down.She names us and we call her ours. Down we goand we sleep.Awakenedwe remember- that blue pool-the one with no bottom.

  • The Last Tree

    The Last Tree

    The last tree sheds its leavesin the barren dry knowing the breezewill breathe its revival.

  • Sheltered, I Am Now

    Sheltered, I Am Now

    No terror seedsin my soul. The gentledust of my mother remainsall around me. Her old comfortssnuggle away any regretsuntil our heavens meet. Not soon,but soon enough I will remain with you.Why will I decay in the crypt when only smoke can rise to joy?That cloudy mass that rises from burning,burns tears beyond the wear of…

  • Nourishment


    The buried placenta knows not the suffering of the womb,only that it once nourished.

  • Getting It Right

    Getting It Right

    I try on my death suit regularly, and even after my cancer surgery, it’s still too long in the arms and legs..This year I did manage to find a comfy pair of shoes in a size 9 1/2that don’t make my toes a few years I will come into a nice inheritance and will…

  • Side Effects

    Side Effects

    In my dreams I ride bicycles. In life, I once knew how to ride them.Now I am old and side effects have my feet missing the pedals and falling down.

  • The Boy Who Dances in the Light

    The Boy Who Dances in the Light

    Shout into the eyes of sunlight of the boy who dances in the light.   Every dragon’s death foretells this child onto even the smallest realm.   The Phoenix is an ally to the boy who forges worlds.   The stars proclaim his shine this boy who dances in the light.   He is the…

  • Oncology Nurse

    Oncology Nurse

    Every touch is a devotion, every soft phrase a prayer to life, to continue living. – A nightingale, a dove gowned in heavenly blue a ministering survival chant. – Thank you and double checks are abundant. – They minister consistent kindness for they live among the blasted. – There is no sniping, no rivalries, just…

  • The Nacre of Cancer

    The Nacre of Cancer

    I have no taste for whiskey, although it seems over the years I have developed a proclivity for cancer, for building the nacre into  pearl.   It’s funny how one can live with death scooted to the borders, listening to it rap the door with sub-audible gusts that only your dog hears and barks at.…

  • Catacombs Know No Smiles

    Catacombs Know No Smiles

    Catacombs are full of bones snuggling in the disgrace of others. Hipbones piled on top of skulls, the absence of lower jaws denying the departed a smile, the eternal existential joke of insulting the living with the knowledge of their ultimate end.   Femur, skull, femur skull is the monotonous pattern of the Paris catacombs.…

  • Death Is Like No Movie I Have Ever Seen: The Trailers

    Death Is Like No Movie I Have Ever Seen: The Trailers

    At the Miracle my young brother saw death for the first time in a shark called Bruce, Jaws swallowing the onscreen boy on the raft in a chum wave that rippled from the light, a death that drenched every body in the shock of a nature devouring everything it sees; in an illusion real enough…

  • I am deaf and not your simile

    I am deaf and not your simile

    I am deaf not deaf, not small d death as some people like to say, but little d as in leaf, as in small l life, even though, you have to drop the l and add the d, for all of us to get and end there, although neither is usually capitalized unless it refers…

  • Death is like no movie I have ever seen: the commercials

    Death is like no movie I have ever seen: the commercials

    The movie of my death has not been made but it will suck, get O stars, a thumbs down, the bad final review no one will ever see or care about, not because the life wasn’t glorious- it was- but because death robs life of glory and action, and movies are called motion pictures for…