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The Boy Who Dances in the Light


Shout into the eyes

of sunlight

of the boy who dances in the light.


Every dragon’s death

foretells this child

onto even the smallest realm.


The Phoenix is an ally

to the boy

who forges worlds.


The stars proclaim his shine

this boy who dances in the light.


He is the boy

who flies

into the sun

and does not dissolve.


His chariot with flashing wheels

races with the rainbow.


He is the boy who

sells the golden trinkets

with 1001 truths in the bazaar.


Even the baubles know not all his stories

of pirates, pashas, tigers and kings.


After all has been vended

this boy with the wondrous tongue

will wipe the sweat of his brow

into the most damask bottle

and proclaim it genie’s breath.





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  1. carolineshank Avatar

    Fantastic in every sense. This poem is really good.

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