The Moya View

Oncology Nurse

Every touch is a devotion,

every soft phrase a prayer

to life, to continue living.

A nightingale, a dove

gowned in heavenly blue

a ministering survival chant.

Thank you

and double checks

are abundant.

They minister

consistent kindness

for they live

among the blasted.

There is no sniping,

no rivalries,

just respect and support.

They are special.

They are there by choice.

They work double shifts

or come in on short staff days.

The cancer center has regular hours

No Nights. No weekends.

Burn out it is low. Effort is high.

Their patients are a pretty grateful lot,

so their compassion comes easily

from the first tuck to the last.

The nurse knows

some will sleep

and some will awake.

Everyone dies,

but today they

will be spared,

for tomorrow

is nearly far off

in the rising sun light.





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  1. carolineshank Avatar

    This is a wonderful tribute. An excellent poem. Great job

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