The Moya View

The Fairground Closes for the Night

The  whirligigs above will stop,
fold and rest their metal wings
for the night.

The cars and
those in them
will not collide.

Gravity returns, granting
peace and stillness from the
movements of the day.

The weary attendants
will slump their shoulders,
sighing in relief.

So too, will the teddy bear
in the claw machine once
the current shuts off.

Bullets will not hit
the paper stars
beyond them.

The spinning horses
will not dance up and
down on their poles.

The saddle ride
will not buck
anyone off.

The coaster will freeze
at the top
of the descent.

And the fairground
will sleep again once
the last shadow retreats.





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    As is your expertise, the images are very good. Always

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