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  • Night Cat

    Night Cat

    Mine, mimes the black cat putting out his paw to her darkness. Let’s walk in the wood, black eyes imply,the scent of shadows rising from him.The snow, the city, the night dissolves. Mornings to come he will purr to her face.She hears a word of fur and thinks it’s love.Nights, he will slip out like…

  • Fireflies


    The spark that comes from their belly denies the darkness its dominion and reminds the rest of a shining worldhow lonely the light really is. This light is brief in a darkness vast,an echo of the quick flare of tiny planets and suns filled with the enveloping night between. These bugs spend themselves and then…

  • He Creates the Sax for Her

    He Creates the Sax for Her

    She brings his instrument all together: a reedy tongue golden viper that fits his fingers. She is his night. And she dances for him, caressing him until the night is jazz and he is jazz— his only music.

  • The Fairground Closes for the Night

    The Fairground Closes for the Night

    The whirligigs above will stop,fold and rest their metal wingsfor the night.The cars and those in them will not collide.Gravity returns, granting peace and stillness from the movements of the day. The weary attendants will slump their shoulders,sighing in relief.So too, will the teddy bear in the claw machine once the current shuts off. Bullets…

  • Riding the Bus at Night

    Riding the Bus at Night

    The night bus cradles the weary and those waiting for the dayonly those who know the city’s cocoon can appreciate the hustle and ritualof its morning butterflies orthe way speed blurs tenement lightsinto a stained glass display—diffused halos of red and green,blue and yellow.To ride the night busdemands you living with the shadowsmovingwith you,behind you,staring…

  • Night Beach Couplet

    Night Beach Couplet

    When the color goes away for the daythe night beach revels in the shadows play.