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The Candy Coated Giraffe Who Did What He Pleased: A Child’s Poem

Image credit: Heather Gsuthier
The candy coated giraffe who did what he pleased 
one day suddenly got his long neck caught in a tree.

“Please, please! Help me! I can’t get free!, “he pleas
to all the wondrous animals floating in the breeze.

Try as they must, they could not help him very much.
Chirp, chirp, chirp they fuss, to the others in their huts.

But their birdsong was too slow for little humans to know.
“Sorry, buddy,” the birds decree. ”Ask the rhino, if you please.”

The rhino pushed and shoved, but the tree refuses to budge.
“Woe is me. Why this is a mystery,” he grunted in disgust.

Termites in the plain were busy making a big hill to claim.
Up the hill the ‘mites climb until they reach the branch entwine.

The sweetest string around the giraffe’s throat they did bite,
raining candy down to all the tykes below delight.

A ladder tykes provide releases giraffe from demise.
Oh my, children are smarter than parent’s decry.





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