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Image credit: Martin Buday
The oceans recede,
its pylons exposed.
The great elephants rust
in the junkyard they fell
when Chukwa shifted.
Even his severed legs
can’t hold up the earth-sky.
The sea grass stiffens
to a verdant wave,
curl exposing the horizon.
The ivory house
built on the beach
(the one with the
bench in back
where children played
and the family picnicked,
the one with the
red flame corvette idling
on the cracked street)
disassembles in the winds.
Ponderings on climate change, ocean pollution and climate apocalypse.

The "world-elephants" are mythical animals which appear in Hindu cosmology. The Amarakosha (5th century) lists the names of eight male elephants bearing the world (along with eight unnamed female elephants). They sit atop Chukwa, the Cosmic Tutrtle

Jonathan Moya reads Irreversible





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  1. carolineshank Avatar

    A poem that sings its polish. Well done again Jon

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