The Moya View

Tag: extinction

  • Old Stagecoach

    Old Stagecoach

    I came upon it almost hidden in the grass,leaning against bluff, amongst fallen boulders,prideful and wizened in the fading sunlight, easy to see how it once thundered plains, prairies.The boy who drove it is dead, no longerdreaming of the new town at the next stop,no longer seeing wonder in the buffalo dustingall around him, knowing…

  • Irreversible


    The oceans recede,its pylons exposed.The great elephants rust in the junkyard they fell when Chukwa shifted.Even his severed legs can’t hold up the earth-sky.The sea grass stiffensto a verdant wave,curl exposing the horizon.The ivory house built on the beach(the one with the bench in back where children playedand the family picnicked,the one with the red…