The Moya View

Life’s Moments

Image credit © Hugh Fox
The child looks out her toy window
and imagines her adult self sailing
on the blue ocean of the old hat box
that holds her communion veil.
Her childhood dances alone
along the berm’s dawn light as
the sloop plies onto the sand.
They hug and gallop horses
bareback in the vanishing mist
while Tess, the sea turtle fairy,
prepares a picnic spread on
play plates filled with strawberry
swirls, blue napkins tucked into
triangles, and origami sandwiches
with the crust cut off, of course.

The adult stares out her picture
window and before noticing
the green lushness of all things
just outside her purview,
catches the reflection of
her wrinkle hands atop
her wrinkled knees—
and the stale crumb
from her breakfast toast
falling to the floor
for her cat to sniff.

Jonathan Moya reads Life’s Moments





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  1. carolineshank Avatar

    So so so wonder ful. I don’t know where these hAave been hiding but I am happy to see them now. Bravo.

  2. carolineshank Avatar


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