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Rainy Weather Laughter


The rain chuckles on the rooftop

and the sound carry’s down the house.


The oaks in their amber raincoats

hiss in the water’s tickle.


Their sinuses suckle the drops to veins

then shiver off the excess.


The wild summer streams are

beginning their running joke.


The drought retreats with a frown

to the applause of the scorched grass.


The old man and his grandson watch

the slapstick of nature from the doorway.


They wave to their bemused neighbors

in their rockers watching the show.


The old man hands the child an umbrella

and watches him join the laughter all around.

The child delights in the rain drumming

smiles on the harlequin cloth.





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  1. carolineshank Avatar

    One of your best. I love this

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