The Shining 2 or Doctor Sleep (A Movie Poem)

The earlier horror leaves DT

a broken drunken man

building smaller worlds within worlds,

boxes within boxes,

memories within smaller memories

to keep the monsters from eating

the shining he has left.

He is forever moving

to the same room

with different people.

“We are all dying”, he thinks,

“The world is one big hospice

with fresh air.”

The calico cat jumps on his bed,

sensing it’s time for the long dream.

“Nothing to be scared off, it’s just sleep,”

are his last thoughts as he

fondles his sobriety chip before

meeting his father in their shared dark.

The man takes a drink.

The drink takes a drink.

The drink takes the man.

In his dreams the world is full of

superheroes, vampires and redrum

reflecting backwards in the mirror.

He doesn’t end.

He just flys away.

Heaven is full of the shining.