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Film Noir or Motherless Brooklyn (A Movie Poem)

In the rear view mirror

he can see the specters..

her upside down reflection

scatter when a foot

hits the puddle…

hear the notes

of a trumpet solo

popping thru the

open red door

of a jazz club…

remembers when they

whacked his partner…

and left their

footprints on his ribs..

left his mouth

out of joint…


in love with that

woman in the blue dress

holding him in her arms…

asking her if there

is anything else

he should know..

because she is

a major part

of the mystery…





One response to “Film Noir or Motherless Brooklyn (A Movie Poem)”

  1. carolineshank Avatar

    I love the genre, film noir, and this is excellent. I can see the whole thing in deep black and gray and white. I think you should do more of this mood. Love it

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