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Making It- Midway (A Movie Poem)

Stella remembers when

the Zeros flew thru her backyard

and she saw Pearl Harbor in flames,

blue bodies bouncing on the waves.

Afterward, welders melted

the steel of capsized destroyers

hoping to rescue any

upside down survivors.

Her Billy drafted six months before

would fly Wildcats in the Marshall Islands

and in the Coral Seas never losing a gunner.

At Midway he launched from the Enterprise,

into a fury of collapsing sea foam and mist

part of the 233 fighter planes of

the sleeping giant squadron

filed with a terrible resolve.

The Zero bullets ricocheted

around the open back cabin

and Billy heard the loud groan

and Mike fall asleep as he

flew on through the fog

of exploding red mushrooms.

He returned safely home to Stella

wrapped in metals and the flag.

She knew from that day that

Zeros would darken her every sky.





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  1. carolineshank Avatar

    Very visual and very moving. A winner of course

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