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“Are you okay?”,

my wife asks

when I cough.

“No. I’m fine.

Yes. I’m not”,

I respond,

stumping her

in the poetic irony

of words that

encompass the

yes and no

and the in between.

She flips the finger

at me and I return

the bird to the nest.

We go back to our life

and our tablets,

the drip, drip of my chemo

and I wonder about okay.

“No. You’re fine.

Yes. You’re not.”,

the bag stares in response.





2 responses to “Okay”

  1. _Occultatum_ Avatar

    No im not crying. Yes, I guess.
    Loved this piece.
    I myself started a blog where I post poetries. Would love for you to visit 🌹

  2. carolineshank Avatar


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