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A Not So Beautiful List of Beautiful Things

Nothing is more beautiful 
than beauty that is gone:

the unknown side effect that
leaves blue stitches in the cheek

the moment that Marilyn Monroe
stops playing the dumb blonde

to Dougherty, DiMaggio, Miller and
allows her beauty mark to be memory,

roses wilting in the sun
and melting in the snow,

the purple flash among the green
that leaves sun spots on the eye,

the crack in the Grecian vase whose
odd angle enlivens the relief below,

the Beast gifting a rose to Beauty
that will die in the crystal dome,

rain splashing on dead flowers—
and tears, saying goodbye
to the dying and the dead,

all the unnoticed miracles that
God presses into one’s hand,

the perfect waves that the sea
makes from all the other waves,

the beauty Milton saw in hell
from all the rafters in heaven,

Call and beauty will not come,
it waits for ugly life to wed it in
the chapel on the blasted green.





One response to “A Not So Beautiful List of Beautiful Things”

  1. caroline46 Avatar

    I am beyond tears on the page of this beautiful poem. A Masterpiece! Exquisitely crafted. It’s perfect Jon.

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