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America: The Motion Picture- Doesn’t Let Alternate Facts Get in the Way of Its Own Inane History Lesson.

When filmmakers fall asleep and flunk high school American History, America: The Motion Picture is what’s created years later- an animated, anarchic, free association lunacy that mixes up the American Revolution with the Civil War and shows that it respects America by disregarding its truth and hyping its memes.

In this alternate America, George-Bon Jovi-Washington (Channing Tatum) and Abraham Lincoln (Will Forte) are fraternity brothers, and America is the whispered death bed promise the party rebel Washington swears to create to honor his assassinated bud. The National Anthem is Free Bird, steampunk is science and science is something you choose to believe in or not, or until the Revolution really needs it. Enlightened Democrats coexist with their incredulous Republican counterparts and the oppressed minorities of the American Dream and Manifest Destiny- Blacks and Native Americans- both criticize and complement their idiotic White Bread Founding Fathers.

The saving grace of America: The Motion Picture is how untidily the future promise of America steps in to correct and remind the idiotic, and at times, racist past of the equality and greatness of America’s goodnes. That and the Melting Pot and beer is what really won the American Revolution.

Go with the flow and ignore the alternate facts. America; The Motion Picture is a passable way to spend some Netflix and chill time after stuffing yourself on Fourth of July barbecue. Eat enough beans and you can always just fart it out. Like America, it gets a B-.





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