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Doves Always Return

On the white dry limbs of the sycamore, disrobing

bark etiolated in spring flash, three doves roost. 


“Peace,” they coo to the desire of my heart

to calm the violent world so like

the Lord’s small ship in the tempest ere

the rebuke of wind, sea, the faithless in their fear.


I will be kind.  Spread soothing balm

over the skin once pierced by thorns and

the white scars opened in bath water, on sheets-

the unknowns, red under the sycamores.


The ark doves cast the waters, one roosts the cross,

becoming a miracle if watched too closely

until fluttering wings burst it beyond symbols.

The world exists neither parched nor flooded, only

benefiting when sun and rain fall in good time.


The message flies everywhere further than what

I gave, circling calm and slow in every breeze.

I watch the three doves return to the

hallow ease that prods them to make their nest

on the white dry limbs of the sycamore.





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  1. carolineshank Avatar

    Beautiful.. Flows very well

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