The Moya View

My Google History


I search Google Sky

and there is a night picture.

Yellow dots top and bottom

in fluttering butterfly waves:

too many to count,

small red and white dots:

20 per square inch,

medium red and blue orbs:

10 per quadrant,

red orbs with devil’s tail:

10 falling down

red, purple, blue orbs with halos:

20 (mainly clustered in the center),

purple orbs with blurry wings, flying up:



I search Google Earth

and there is my red brick house


blown down to a u,

a guard rail, metal flashing

in the only green branches

of the sole oak that survived the wind,


the remains of the septic tank

in a crater of weeds

(refresh and expand focus)

a field cleared

(click next)

foundation poured

(scroll down)

frame erected

(scroll down)

roof, shingles attached

(click, open folder: blue prints)


construction plan: Oxford


Heritage Park Phase I



I google my name.

Six Images of a Costa Rican soccer player:

good looking, but not me,

Linked In Owner Profile

with no pic,

Home/Facebook/Profile (no pic)


Poet—All Poetry (no pic):


289 poems, two  books listed-

(The Nacre of Cancer)

(Like No Movie I Have Ever Seen)

259 followers, 11 following,

nice pic but old and I’m fat,

(tap back arrow, scroll down, click more results)

(Not me) Costa Rican soccer player Stats/Profile,

(Not me) Instagram Profile

(Me) WordPress blog site listing,

(Me and many others)

We found (me)— search public records online


fill out form,

(click search)

results found:

1 (me), 88 (not me)

(click x, close page, leave browser)


Things not found on Google:

my cancer,

my marriage(s),

my dog(s)


Real me found on Google


real not me found on Google:


Me never listed:







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  1. carolineshank Avatar

    Interesting. Autobiographical satire.

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