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The History of the Stone from David’s Sling

Five smooth stones David culled from Elah’s brook,

Shepherd knowing  dense ones to fit sling’s crook.


He released the first on Goliath’s shright

the giant falling back dead with the smite.


Goliath gazing into David’s eyes

felt his blade render head for David’s prize.


Head held high, high and tight, in David’s hand

Goliath gawked at where his body land.


He cursed David ’til his progeny’s end

and Scopus  Crusaders in next revenge,


slung fiery stones onto his holy grain,

his children inheriting Sauls migraines,


Absalom, Absalom! their refrain roars

as they smooth more stones with nuclear cores.



The Scopus Crusaders are credited with the invention of the first catapult—really a giant slingshot, that launched fiery boulders at the walls of their enemies.

Saul was the first King of Israel. He suffered from migraines that made him attack others. One of his aides was David who suffered brutally when Saul was having one of his migraine headaches. David later, succeeded Saul as King of Israel.

Absalom, Absalom was the cry of grief David shouted when he learned that his first son, Absalom had accidentally died in the branches of a tree he was traveling under.

The core of a nuclear bomb is about the size of the smooth stone that David slung to kill Goliath.






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    Caroline Shank

    I’m at a loss. I like this but don’t understand it. Alas

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