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  • From the Sky

    From the Sky

    They built their tunnels deep into the sky.“No one, will find us here,” they thought.They watched their children playing soccer.They saw their grandmothers making bread.They knew the teen boy, so like themselves,under the olive tree, eating watermelon, writing a love letter on his phone. His beloved, not far from the checkpoint where soldiers were cocking…

  • The History of the Stone from David’s Sling

    The History of the Stone from David’s Sling

    Five smooth stones David culled from Elah’s brook, Shepherd knowing  dense ones to fit sling’s crook.   He released the first on Goliath’s shright the giant falling back dead with the smite.   Goliath gazing into David’s eyes felt his blade render head for David’s prize.   Head held high, high and tight, in David’s…