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Red Cup Youths Know No History

In a well educated town, in a highly educated school

they thought nothing of red cups turned swastika

for that perfect Instagram shot.

A Nazi salute, a hearty “Heil Hitler” made it a meme

that only needed little fingers under noses

to stick it in the dah viewers face.

They knew the joke was complete when 12-year-olds

daily atrocity their friend, kindness their enemy,

graffitied red cups on trails and playgrounds.

When Anne Frank’s ninety-year old stepsister,

who had a history and education in bigotry,

and still believed people are really good at heart,

knowing Anne didn’t die in Bergen-Bergen for this,

knowing she herself didn’t survive Auschwitz,

lose brother, father, future family for this,

knowing that the Holocaust was one family

by one family by one family’s private tragedy

supported by others in concentration camp blues

came to talk to the red cups about this and them,

only to be greeted with their hearty laugh

and the known knowledge that all is ash.





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