The Moya View

Black as Pepto Bismol

When you’re young, desperate for fame and black

you’ll play diarrhea in a Pepto Bismol commercial.

Don’t do that black face, boy.

When you have Michael Jackson fame

You’ll fly in a plane filled with little boys and toys.

Don’t do that black face, nigga.

When you’re rich and black living the R. Kelly life

you’ll want a harem of under age booty.

Don’t do that black face, coon.

When you’re Bill Cosby old and black

you’ll drug the ladies for a lay.

Don’t do that black face, pudding boy.

When you’re Ralph Northam white

you’ll shoeshine your face and pose with a KKK.

Don’t do that black face, honky.

When you’re Stacey Adams smart and black

you’ll want to legislate, be a credit to your race.

Do that black face, girl.

When you’re radically bespectacled Spike Lee black

you’ll want to Do the Right Thing.

Do that black face, man.

When you’re LeBron James tall and black

you’ll want to dunk the world.

Be that black face, basketball superhero.

When you’re Muhammad Ali gifted and black,

you’ll want to be a floating beautiful bee sting.

Do that black face, and be praised.

When you’re Rosa Parks and MLK visionary black

you’ll want to spread the Dream, take a stand.

Do that black face, everyone.





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