The Moya View

Wildfires: California, Paradise

Nature always wanted to burn Paradise down,

a swailing to its Indian, Spanish calling,

a burn-off to its mandrake roots,

enflamed with its third day existence,

stuck between the iteration of

water and light, heaven and earth,

day and night, the animal hordes,

the existence before the existence of man

for which it sacrificed dust and clay,

receiving not a drop or ray of praise.

Fire wasn’t nature’s creation. It was God’s.

The singeing whip used whenever it

dare get too close to HIS creation,

then becoming the fiery lash whenever

man cared to get too close to HIM.

HE gave gave him fire to control nature

and when man forged iron into a spear,

to murder his fellow man, God gave it to

nature to punish him, burying the deadliest

flame under the earth and calling it HELL.

Hell was created on the seventh day

when God was suppose to be resting.

Wildfire is just a reflection of hell,

a reminder to humanity that nature

was God’s seventh great idea and

he was HIS tenth afterthought.

Nature takes delight and revenge

in that perverted notion,

and whenever it finds a gated Paradise

it will burn it down. That’s its nature.

Painting a mural in a burnt out Paradise

is an act of faith in the value of human nature.

Planting flowers is just a natural act

that hopes to keep the wildfires away.

Scooping ash and rebuilding again

is a belief in the power of resurrection.

It is part of the process, the healing again,

until nature enflamed that water

was God’s second great idea

releases a flood on a parched Paradise.





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