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  • In the Midst of the Snowy Forest

    In the Midst of the Snowy Forest

    (After Major Jackson shadows of pines on the snow cast their canvas.The Downy Woodpecker stabbing beak carves wordsthat my pen cannot equal into the January morning.Her chirping is filled with a feasting frenzy resolve for the beetle larvae beneath the bark.I look, but even with my wood-boring eyes I cannot interrogate beyond the known:…

  • Mothers and Daughters: A Bee in Her Bonnet

    Mothers and Daughters: A Bee in Her Bonnet

    Amongst the leftovers she would sit in the old shed, with its corrugated tin roof and clapboard siding, feeling the heat come to her, a caress floating from the ground. She watched her mother delicatelyflour the last of the catfish. The shed use to be a playground but now it was a hideout- somewhere to…

  • The Green Gown

    The Green Gown

    The green gown rippled downin the breath and shadow of the willow branch, invisible noon and nightto all searching ships.

  • A Tour of My Happy Place

    A Tour of My Happy Place

    I am a lousy gardener that only offends the soil on top and below.   No Petunias or Marigolds bloom, only crab grass struggling with Tennessee moss, and a small patch of Kentucky Bluegrass the survivor of almost fifty years and two previous owners:   a general practitioner who layered the inner sod of the…

  • The Call of the Wild

    The Call of the Wild

    What does a dog know of being a wolf, a wolf know of being a dog?   The wolf howls not to understand the moon but to know itself in the community of nature,   to shout out its place in the pack and among the stars.   It knows hunger that a dog will…

  • Wildfires:  California, Paradise

    Wildfires: California, Paradise

    Nature always wanted to burn Paradise down, a swailing to its Indian, Spanish calling, a burn-off to its mandrake roots, enflamed with its third day existence, stuck between the iteration of water and light, heaven and earth, day and night, the animal hordes, the existence before the existence of man for which it sacrificed dust…