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“Fighting With My Family”: Gets the Family Participation Prize

WWE wrestling is like family: loud, rowdy, always fighting and making up, a love fest and a mutual admiration society, filled with their own alliances and jealousies, celebrated successes and commiserated failures. It is exactly like its movie Fighting With My Family, a heartfelt stunt that pulls and doesn’t pull its punches.

The whole family displayed here is a true jaundiced reflection off the WWE eye. The lunacy, sadness, pathos seem real and thus feel emotionally there.

Everything is not faked but fixed and I personally didn’t care if the events followed to closely to the success story formula. Like the Rocky movies all that matters is that is that we have an underdog with heart in the fight of his life.

Sure the rough edges are rounded off from their documentary selves, but Florence Pugh (Lady Macbeth) is radiantly spunky and gothic enough to push Fighting With My Family through to its inevitable win. The rest of the family and crew follow cheerfully in line.

And to makes this a true WWE dream, the Rock shows up for his own promotional moment. Did you even doubt it.

Photos courtesy of MGM Studios.


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