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“The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part”: Everything Is Not as Awesome but Still OKAY

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part is a comic reflection and anti-reflection of its first part. For Everything Is Awesome song verse there is a Everything Is Not Awesome one, a wise and cynical Emmet to balance the goofy and optimistic one and a good bad guy to match the bad one— although there is no truly bad dudes in this universe.

The LEGO Movie was the ultimate in replacement animation. The LEGO Movie 2 continues this visual theme. Things are popped out and replaced with other parts, even whole characters are reformed, reformatted or replaced.

It is all about creation, destruction and recreation in both sense of the words, about tearing down and then building back up until everything is awesome. This is a bright, sunny place that only can stay dark so long knowing that every moon rise has a sunrise.

The LEGO Movie 2 is all about going up, being, overcoming the worst of yourself and becoming. the best you can be. There is not enough of that kind of thinking in the world right now. That makes The LEGO Movie 2 the best movie parents can see with their kids.

All photos courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.





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