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“Smallfoot” Is a Yeti Tale of a Sweetly Human Kind

Smallfoot delivers for the tiny foot members of its demographics while keeping its big foot cash base entertained with a story about a superstitious tribe of Yetis that come to learn that all humans are not the monsters they feared.

Smallfoot is a moderately budgeted animated feature from the Warner Brothers animation group (The LEGO Movie) which means perky characters, passable follow along songs, a sprinkling of diversity embracing moments and morales, along with some odd cost cutting choices— the lack of Yeti noses being an obvious offender.

Spot on voice casting and performances from Chaning Tatum, James Corden, Zendaya, Common and Danny de Vito give Smallfoot some serious charm. The ultimate big foot, Lebron James gives a funny and warm performance as the yeti Gwangi.

The only thing that is distracting is that the main human character has red to orange hair. Even though he is voiced by Brit James Corden, a red to orange head himself, it was hard to disassociate the character from his unintended Donald Trump physical parallels.

For the Trump obsessed, there is a sub theme of treating obvious lies, even those written in stone, with obvious caution and questioning. That surely will draw some ire from the fake news believers.

Smallfoot has a big and liberal heart. Only the most dour conservative would find its emphasis on acceptance and diversity as a monstrous deep state plot.





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