“Assasination Nation” Is a More Annoying Purge

Sometimes a movie can be too good for its own good.

In Assassination Nation, a film about a town named Salem taken over by a different non-wich hysteria, there is a lot of bravura directing: awesome one take action sequences, smartly edited assault sequences, nicely photographed moments involving upside down point of view shots. There are also a lot of thin characters and genre ripoffs from The Purge series, to the Kill Bill films. The dialogue often verges to on the nose philosophical pontification. The characters don’t grow beyond their cardboard feminist and chauvinist-misogynist stances.

Assasination Nation is directed within an inch of its life. It never gives you a chance to breath or think for yourself. Half of it is brilliant and the other half is overwrought.

It is a film that is easy to love and admire. It is also a film that is easy to hate.