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  • Things Hidden in My Ears

    Things Hidden in My Ears

    The last hum of mother’s lullaby gently lingers, cradles back and forth, creating equilibrium.Canciones en español,poems in English,birdsongs in the drizzling rain,the faint refrains of all that chooses to linger despite the silence inside.

  • Piecing It All Together

    Piecing It All Together

    I knew the silence before the birdsong— Each note not a note, but plaintive echoes, making painful calls before a leeward wing danced a thrush in the brambles. Author’s note: I spent a considerable part of an afternoon watching videos of blind infants wearing their first pair of glasses. Seeing the world clearly for the…

  • Truths


    Three things that are silent and true:the twilight hour,the plummeting snow,death beneath every window.

  • Putting Marbles Away

    Putting Marbles Away

    Oh, I wish I could hear the sound of marblesbut my world exists in silence and sight. So I watch my Grandkids collide and scatterthem on the old wooden floorboards.When I put them in their jar, I delight in their smoothness and coolness.They form layers of iridescent swirls, rainbows that light up my worn world.

  • The Boat Awaits

    The Boat Awaits

    Silent boats await to take us all to distant shores.

  • The Box That Holds My silence

    The Box That Holds My silence

    At bedtimeI sit in my chairand turn offmy long lived hearing aids,putting them in the pine box with the gold leaf claspand a brown phoenixcharred into the lidThe traffic outside dies,the rasping of my dog is silent,my wife’s snoring is muteand the world is so so quiet now. In the morning only the light streaming…

  • Do Not Silence My Words That You Hear

    Do Not Silence My Words That You Hear

    Don’t take away my words by not repeating my poems inside. My poetry is revolutionary as a floating feather. Close your eyes and catch it knowing the vision is in its flight and not where it falls. Pick it up from the floor and it becomes a Cobra spitting, aiming to poison you.