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  • The Song of Names

    The Song of Names

    It was chanted for five Sabbaths in a row in the small synagogue with the charred bimah, ashes staining the tzitzits of the rebbe’s tallit, as he raised his arms above his head, closed his eyes and sang the first alaf of seven thousand dabars, the oral memory passed down six generations, a psalm for…

  • Ode to Stacey Abrams, Star Trek Politician

    Ode to Stacey Abrams, Star Trek Politician

    It’s the Trek and not the Star that keeps her moving. She is a Voyager suspended in the temporal rift of campaigning. – Inside she is Spock. Politics makes her Kirk. On committees she is all Janeway. – The world sees her as Lahura, the com officer trying to interpret and relay messages back and…