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Tag: old age

  • Down Swing

    Down Swing

    I’m too old to swing in the air,let the wind blow my hair wild.I have grown beyond childish things. Gravity-time has chained me here.Now, I hold all of my fears dear,huddled in all my tears to care.This cheap pipe playground has rusted,lasting just one trusted summer.Childless, I’m not my mother’s peer. She exists all dead…

  • An Old Couple Happily Waiting

    An Old Couple Happily Waiting

    They’ve been evicted, this old couple sitting outside, watching tv through the open window of the house across.A mystery is on. They’re waiting to be murdered, or so they think. Their son will be there soon, maybe.He’ll bring them food, hopefully. They sit, waiting happily for the ambulance’s arrival.

  • Putting Marbles Away

    Putting Marbles Away

    Oh, I wish I could hear the sound of marblesbut my world exists in silence and sight. So I watch my Grandkids collide and scatterthem on the old wooden floorboards.When I put them in their jar, I delight in their smoothness and coolness.They form layers of iridescent swirls, rainbows that light up my worn world.

  • Their Feather Dance

    Their Feather Dance

    When she danced he knew his hope was a feathered thing.In the moonlight, she shone,a blue smooth watery rippleof ostrich wings that made her seem his Cleopatra in bas-relief.She raised her hand to the sky and up high, six feathers flew up.And just as quickly returned toearth a billow of floating down.His twi-night met her…

  • Losing Track of Time

    Losing Track of Time

    The childless widower in his third age sits beneath the frame of the toy store window looking away into the street while three Teddy Bears, one in a just-right high chair, mourn never being held in small arms.Long after the twilight has passed, under the darkness of the elevated train platform, he will stare, lost…

  • Side Effects

    Side Effects

    In my dreams I ride bicycles. In life, I once knew how to ride them.Now I am old and side effects have my feet missing the pedals and falling down.