The Moya View

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  • In the realm of twilight

    In the realm of twilight

    the wind is dying in the umbral night all aroundthe small bridge becomes the canal’s umbrella weaving a shy blue garment for the waters,a silvery gown across the imponderable blue the moon glides free, an argent shadowthe rain dove purls a plaintive lay, drenching the darkening streets with a drowsy kissin these hours of tears

  • Full Moon Prayer

    Full Moon Prayer

    The full moon veiled the ramshackle barn in the embrace of its shadow- a prayer for animals gone.

  • Beyond the Dying Cloud

    Beyond the Dying Cloud

    When a cloud dies doves and eagles dip their wings in mournful ‘memberance.   When the sky dies it rots black in despairing soot of ash and pain.   When the moon dies it’s mourned by the elliptical kisses of the planets beyond.   When a planet dies the universe gently cradles it and lullaby’s…

  • Haven of Our Sun and Moon

    Haven of Our Sun and Moon

    Wake dear, and rise, sleep not this day. Let our two dreams play to and fro with each.   Let’s dance in the sun shouting— one beam, the light’s high joy. You nor I will not cry today     as you gambol and swirl, as I dream, hope, now words, then love and vows…