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Tag: loneliness

  • Driving the Night Road

    Driving the Night Road

    Headlights slip over the asphaltgoing from grief to grief as the road ghosts rise.Like us, they are lonelyseeking lost dreams as the road goes on, forgetting us.

  • Losing Track of Time

    Losing Track of Time

    The childless widower in his third age sits beneath the frame of the toy store window looking away into the street while three Teddy Bears, one in a just-right high chair, mourn never being held in small arms.Long after the twilight has passed, under the darkness of the elevated train platform, he will stare, lost…

  • The Loneliness of Moving Spaces

    The Loneliness of Moving Spaces

    To ride the subway clutching half dead roses in a paper bag is to know that shadows have weight, light has gravity and geometry exists in algorithms of pain, thatĀ  sadness isĀ  a reflection of the loneliness of space and time.   Even the sisters under the MTA map, one cradled in uneasy sleep in…