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  • Things Hidden in My Ears

    Things Hidden in My Ears

    The last hum of mother’s lullaby gently lingers, cradles back and forth, creating equilibrium.Canciones en español,poems in English,birdsongs in the drizzling rain,the faint refrains of all that chooses to linger despite the silence inside.

  • I Can Never Write Like My Mother

    I Can Never Write Like My Mother

    Am I left loving what my mother couldn’t? — writing on patchouli scented paper — words doused in sweet musky earth — unsent letters, all sweet and spicyI laid the stems of letters across wet pages—but they did not take— failed to bloom—I tired of the scent— wished for the beautiful unadorned line— divorcedfrom all…

  • Black Dress

    Black Dress

    When she wears the black dress against herself and sees her every reflection in the mirror she knows it will fit her better than even her mother ever wore it.

  • Going Up the Stairs She Heard

    Going Up the Stairs She Heard

    She heard her children going slowly up the stairs of the old grand house draped in linen solitude. On the peacock treadsthey chanted discoveries,whispered mysteries she intimately knew.

  • The Fitting

    The Fitting

    When her maman died Marie flew ten hours to the ancient French village where the houses steepled the church,their mansard roofs brown from neglect. The Weeping Willow in front of maman’s weathered hovel did not match Marie’s feelings. It never did. Inside the furniture had aged into antiques.The handmade chaiseswith ladder backs and unadorned ticking,French…