The Moya View

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  • From the Sky

    From the Sky

    They built their tunnels deep into the sky.“No one, will find us here,” they thought.They watched their children playing soccer.They saw their grandmothers making bread.They knew the teen boy, so like themselves,under the olive tree, eating watermelon, writing a love letter on his phone. His beloved, not far from the checkpoint where soldiers were cocking…

  • Dogwoods


    The rusted tips of the dogwood petals, fall after fall, indented to the shape of crosses, leaving bloody crucifixes after bloody crucifixes.The collected light, felt wounded,drenched in a suffering beauty, the kind the soul draws as perfectly straight.The red berries, past ripe are now wine. They stand naked in the air in lovely shame,past innuendo,…

  • Bringing Hope Home

    Bringing Hope Home

    They brought Hope home in crisp sunshine on a cloudless day to a backyard overlooking a forest.Just a mother and daughter, a shovel,a smallness wrapped in a ziplock bag, born four or five days before.The lack of rain had hardened the earthand the digging was unyielding work, an hour of frustration before the ground yielded.Finally,…

  • Fireflies


    The spark that comes from their belly denies the darkness its dominion and reminds the rest of a shining worldhow lonely the light really is. This light is brief in a darkness vast,an echo of the quick flare of tiny planets and suns filled with the enveloping night between. These bugs spend themselves and then…

  • One Million Prayers

    One Million Prayers

    I will spend my lifetime fulfilling the dreams of the dead, writing to the living of how their hopes were fulfilled, hoping their prayers will blossom a million miracles.

  • Salvage


    What keeps me holding onto my old self, preventing me from casting it into past swells?   Something detested, adored, hymned too, haunted, cancer ridden, inflamed, grieving   and torn- yet beloved, pulled forward into an ocean of tomorrow and tomorrow’s   swimming to hope or drowning in hopelessness, never knowing where my forgiveness exists…

  • Seeing 2020

    Seeing 2020

    I want to greet the new year with 20/20 eyes, knowing that cure dances on the edge of hope’s grave and that in this biblical year of flood, cancer and death, that grief is just a short term companion.   Tomorrow time will step me away leaving only memory and the long walk to the…