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  • Two  Artist’s Love Letters

    Two Artist’s Love Letters

    1.He created for her colors that never existed,and then threw them away, creating new anew, mattered matter, forever dynamic cosmos of spiritually affective things reconciling in the meeting of colors.Innocent white, virtuous gold,evil black, envious green,passionate red, blue love,fearful yellow, hateful scarlet-all given back to the death lifefrom the ones rejected by herfrom his daily…

  • An Old Garden

    An Old Garden

    (After Richard Aldington’s Aux Vieux Jardin)Today I found an unknown garden in the woods.I do not know who carved this still pool fringedwith reeds amidst a forest browning for winter.Who decided to protect it from the tearing air,tended it to suckle water from dark clouds.All I know, it blooms with great delight, apartfrom the diverse…

  • Opening Her White Parasol

    Opening Her White Parasol

    With the push of a button, the delicate porcelain releases lace ribs from the handle- little dove wings- shading her dreams, memories of father, creating this object to protect her from the shriveling sun.

  • He Creates the Sax for Her

    He Creates the Sax for Her

    She brings his instrument all together: a reedy tongue golden viper that fits his fingers. She is his night. And she dances for him, caressing him until the night is jazz and he is jazz— his only music.

  • The Bench

    The Bench

    When the oak fell in the stormhe carved a bench for her.He placed it in the best grove shade asa reminder the bench once bloomed.Still, rays of light split through the leavesand the bench, even in winter, was warm.Here she knew fully his silent love for her,even after he fallen silent, buried nearby.Eventually, it became…