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Bed Bugs: A Love Story

He smuggled them in his pockets.

Easy— just a step into the house,

after digging in the yard.

There they stayed until

after he was fed and washed.

Then, he removed them

from their hidden space,  

released them from

the lining and seams into

the dwindling bedroom light,

to snuggle under the warmth

of blanket and sheet. 

They emerged from their

defenses, became themselves,

his beloveds, unfolding themselves

across the white sheet,

just like they did thousands

of moonlights  ago, in the holds

of dark ships, adapting to new rooms,

to the cloth of  dreams,

feeding until they bled and

dreams became nightmares,

teaching him not to put his

trust in dirt and fear.





2 responses to “Bed Bugs: A Love Story”

  1. caroline46 Avatar

    Very moving good but bed bugs. Yipes. But still.

  2. Nicole Smith Avatar


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