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God Does Not Want Me Yet

Image credit: Ninette Niemeyer

God isn’t calling for me yet,” Ninette 
said humorously to her century old
body on it’s birthday.

Ninette has no children. Her husband passed
10 years ago. All her friends too. Ninette
is use to celebrating things by herself.

There will be no birthday cake, just
the usual one skillet dinner of
pasta with sausage and vegetables.

After dinner, Ninette will read the Bible
with a large magnifying glass, praise
the lord for her long life, her wonderful
husband and once very good friends.

If there is still light out, Ninette will watch
the cars and people stroll the boulevard, her-
self a shadow seen through lace curtains.

Otherwise, it will be a night of listening to
vinyl Mozart and Pucinni operas on the old
stereo, placing her husband’s picture (after
dusting) back on the plastic cover when the
needle finishes spiraling the last note.

Before she goes to bed Ninette will lightly water
the rose in the blue vase- taking a gardener’s
pride in how it still blooms, straight and tall.

The television remotes will be placed in neat
rows for the next day’s viewing, and the silver
coffee set will be arranged in perfect still life
for the morning meal and dawn birdsong.

Ninette will wash her face with a lavender soap,
rinsing the plate and sink with paper towels.
She will put the soap and face towel back centered
and straight on the plate and rack.

Finally, she will put rainbow curlers in her hair,
making herself beautiful for the lord and the next
day’s market shopping, then praying the rosary
until she falls asleep.

In the morning, she realizes,
how blessed she was to
be granted another day.





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    This is amazing So visual. Beautiful

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