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Of an Age: The Sweetness of Remember Your Name

Roadshow Entertainment

Storyline via IMDB:

In the summer of 1999, a 17-year-old Serbian-born Australian amateur ballroom dancer experiences an unexpected and intense 24-hour romance with a friend’s older brother.


I found the gay romance Of an Age (on Peacock) filled with subtle echoes of Call Me By Your Name. The age difference between the would be lovers is more June-July than May-December, so there are less creepy overtones, and most importantly, they are of an age beyond legal consent.

Roadshow Entertainment

Of an Age also has the benefit of distance. The second half takes place fifteen years later, at a wedding, so rueful recollection offers a chance to clean up the last emotional strings remaining. It has maturity, wisdom, insight and restraint. The transience of the affair puts it into perspective. The pain remains a faded echo of desire, and first love, sexual awakening.

Roadshow Entertainment

The only slight detriment in the storytelling are the strident female characters. I suspected they were mainly a plot device to get the lovers together. Maybe also an extension of their fear, lack of interest in the female world, a rejection of that in their life. They’re just socially acceptable dance partners at the wedding reception.

Roadshow Entertainment

Of an Age gets a 3.5 out of 5 or a B+.

Roadshow Entertainment


Directed by

Goran Stolevski

Written by

Goran Stolevski

Produced by

  • Kristina Ceyton
  • Samantha Jennings



Matthew Chuang

Edited by

Goran Stolevski



Distributed by

Roadshow Films

Release dates

  • 4 August 2022(MIFF)
  • 17 February 2023(United States)
  • 23 March 2023(Australia)

Running time

99 minutes





Roadshow Entertainment





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  1. Chico’s Mom Avatar

    I’m really enjoying your reviews. Thanks for sharing. A couple movies I wanted to see, I’m not so sure now. And a couple I wasn’t so sure about, (you guessed it) now I want to see. 🤭


    Which ones did I change your mind on.

    Curious on the ones you wanted but now don’t or the ones you weren’t sure about but want to see now.

  3. Chico’s Mom Avatar

    65. I love a B science fiction movie. But how many times can you run from a dinosaur? In my head l’ve likened it to Passenger. I made it 10 minutes. Not sure I want to watch 65 now. Very interested in seeing Oppenheimer.


    Thanks. Appreciate the follow and every read.

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