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The Elderly: Parental Homicidal Tendencies Turn Real

Summary via IMDB:

Octogenarian who enters into a state of dementia after the sudden suicide of his wife, sparking a series of paranormal events that will put his family’s lives at risk.


I admire filmmakers that stick to their vision no matter how weird and sordid it gets. In the Spanish horror film, The Elderly, Raul Cerezo and Fernando Gonzalez Gomez take the idea of parental disappointment with their children, combine it with dementia and a good dose of externalizing those fears and disgust into their children to come up with a seriously disturbing and wickedly directed horror film. That is, until the duo decide to go the extra mile, by delivering a Spielbergian twist that undercuts everything they were trying to achieve. Cut the last minute from the elderly and they would have had perfection.

When the homicidal elders finally get their universal blood lust going, The Elderly becomes horror nirvana. The Spanish puts it into the proper off kilter zone, that will keep the non-Spanish audience constantly off balance— which is the perfect tone for a zombie feature.

This is every child’s and grandchild’s nightmare— that not only do their old demented parents hate them but actively would want to kill them once the moral restraints are removed. And it doesn’t matter how good or bad their children are or wether they taken good care of them in their old age.

The Elderly gets a 3.5 out of 5 or a B+. Cut the last minute out and it gets an easy 4 out of 5 or an A-

The Elderly is part of the 10th annual Chattanooga Film Festival playing online and IRL through June 29th.



Directed by

  • Raúl Cerezo
  • Fernando González Gómez

Screenplay by

  • Raúl Cerezo
  • Javier Trigales
  • Rubén Sánchez Trigos

Produced by

José Luis Rancaño



Ignacio Aguilar

Edited byJ

osé Manuel Jiménez

Music by

Eneko Vadillo


  • A Person’s Films
  • La Dalia Films
  • Antídoto Films

Release date









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