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What to Do with All the Love that Remains

Image: My mother Elsi M. Moya 1929-1987.

The most beautiful thing is 
always the thing in front of you,
my mother use to say.

And she was a beauty,
always smiling, a beauty mark
following in front.

To see such beauty
was to die a little
in the heart each day-

Each day to give your
heart away until
there is noting left.

Love is the echo that trails
in front of the kiss left behind,
she use to cry to me.

She gave so much
never knowing whether
it was too little or too much.

until she died and
willed me her heart,
20,000 futures to spend.

So I look forward to all the kind
gifts left to give, the closeness
that remains until parting.

Until then I can not get lost in
the soul’s bereavement, counting
remaining moons, fading blooms.

Love does not mean being loved
but unbinding from grief’s existence,
living in all of love’s gifts remaining.





2 responses to “What to Do with All the Love that Remains”

  1. mitchteemley Avatar

    Lovely, and quietly profound, Jonathan.


    Thanks. Appreciate the comment and follow.

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