The Moya View

An Endless Telephone Call

Image; Kevin Hughes

I knew this pulse had 
traveled thru space
with a shivery speed
to reach this felt sole,
these five yards of
ancient twisted wires
that gave it sound-
striking its bell three
times in mournful bursts.

it was too early to hear
the good news of friends.
Yet, even not quite awake,
I knew between the sounds
of hello and goodbye
my happiness and sadness
would exist.

Dreaming, only half knowing,
anxious and dreading,
I answered it.

It was long distance,
a voice from 35 years ago.
The dead noises of my mother,
greeted me, rattled inside my head.

Night after night,
maybe in the same dream,
about the same time,
she would call
and awaken me,
unweaning the remains
of the past
into my future’s
endless story.





One response to “An Endless Telephone Call”

  1. caroline46 Avatar

    This is Moya at your best. It works as a tribute and as a story that leaves chills. I love it.

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