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Stranger Miracles

Image credit: The real life Juan and Rebecca. Photo by Jan Sturmann

“There are two ways to live your life – one is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle.”– Albert Einstein

Nancy was a dancer until her toes crossed.
Forty years later she met a salsa teacher.
“I admire you. I’m going to teach you.
If you try hard you can really keep going.
If you practice every day until you fall asleep,
then you’ll dream you’re still dancing,” he said
She danced again. She learned 84 moves.

Clarence sung to her for 42 years.
She was his beautiful lady.
Cancer took her away from him.
He sang to her grave every day after that.
He got cancer too. Diabetes also.
He still sung to her.
He sung to the fellow patients in the ward.
He sung to the church and Jesus.
He use to believe by the hour.
Jesus, said to him, believe in every second.
He wholeheartedly sung every day
until his very last second.
That’s a fact put on his headstone.

Anne and her sister were on their way
to see the X-Men movie.
The taxi went in a different direction.
It slowed and picked up two more passengers.
They jammed themselves in between them.
Every one of them demanded their money.
Anne focused on the world outside the window.
She felt a peace and clarity come over her.
She understood then what poverty does to people.
Suddenly her sister pushed herself out of her seat.
She climbed over the driver, opened the door,
and started running. As the driver slowed,
Anne jumped out. The taxi just drove away.

Billie and his dog had been homeless, living
on the streets of San Francisco for a long time.
One day a social worker took them to her office.
She found him a job as a sanitation worker.
She found him an affordable Market street apartment.
He was forever grateful. People said he was lucky.
“I’m not lucky. I was blessed,” he always replied.

When she was 7, Rebecca’s heart stopped
on the operating table. As she was dying,
she looked down on herself there and
saw the doctors talking to her. “Come back,”
they told her. She then heard her mother praying
for her. She couldn’t stand watching her mother cry.
She came back.

Twelve years ago, Juan had a car accident.
He almost died. He was crippled though
and could not walk. The doctors thought
he would never walk again and he believed
that he would never walk again. However,
inside himself he heard God say, “Walk!”
The Bible on his desk fell to his feet.
The page it opened to was Psalm 37, 1-9:
….a light came through me and it said,
“Go and walk again,” Three weeks later, he did.

Soon after Juan walked again, he met Rebecca.
They fell in love. They got married.
Since both their parents had passed away,
they walked each other down the aisle.
Nancy, Clarence, Anne, Billie and his dog
were all there— almost the entire congregation
of the Church of Miracles formed by
co-ministers Rebecca and Juan.
All their children were there too. The kids
called them both Mama and Papa Pastor.





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