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Mirrors of Her Self

Image credit: Fragmented Reflection by Robert Duxbury.

It’s the exact opposite of herself she sees,
the cast away light she can’t cast away.
the ugly reality that lives in her unreality
a reverse Narcissus drowning in her reflection.

The things she hates are all there-
and also all the things she loves.
All she has to do is look away
and it will vanish from her sight.

Yet, she doesn’t hate herself enough
not to look at the laughing lie, the
reflections of herself she loves to hate
and correct with a surgical tuck and nip—

or a painted on mask, a weary sigh
in the mirror that says maybe,
just maybe, it all doesn’t really matter
in the end if her life is sideways.





2 responses to “Mirrors of Her Self”

  1. John Avatar

    Wow this creates a deep reflection in more ways than one! In essence, the ugliness she wishes to leave behind she can’t because perception of sight is more appealing than the heart. Literally, eyes are the windows to the soul.


    Well observed. Thanks and appreciate the comment.

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