The Moya View

Walking Her Bicycle Back Home, Alone

Oh, child of mine, 
I’ve come back to
reclaim your most
precious thing from
that blue ravine
off the stone road.

I lack the steadiness
and pulse of movement
to ride it home.
So, I walk it back
totally alone now,

remembering those
first unsteady lessons
until you found
the perfect balance to
peddle this silver dream
beyond my steady support.

I will decorate the wheels
with flowers- lilies, roses,
daisies, lilacs- that carry
your favorite scents and
place it on your grave for
the days they’ll allow me.

I listen to the stone’s peals,
eyesight reeling with every
silent glide of my heart.
I lived long enough to see the fall,
and when I die my heart too
will drop into that blue ravine.

Stones will be my life.
Stones the wheels.
Stones the pedals and
stones the petals.
Stones, the heavy weight,
that forever fills my heart.





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