The Moya View

Green Elf Children

Little green elf children
with rings on their fingers
and bells on their toes
will, if you let them,
follow you wherever you go.

Through the wild maze of life
they will lead you to and fro,
if that is where your
heart desires goes and grows,
or the simple life of man, if no.

“But, what if I want to
go to the moon?,” you say.
“Take Bezos, Branson, NASA,
you choose two, one stays,”
they giggle with elven sashay.

“Once we get there we’ll set
out a spread, full of the best
cheeses, salami and bread.
And then dance in the Sea
of Tranquility with no dread.”

“When we get back to earth’s light
we’ll runaway to Canada
and catch the Northern Lights,
eat poutine, drink Big 8,
chase loons ‘till they affright.”

“Then with no parents in sight,
we’ll call ourselves runaways,
have rude conversations,
practice bad manners, fart all night.”

“We’ll drink from clear streams
before we piss in them with delight,
take big shites that dam fish tight,
and get away with it fore we are sprites!”

Oh, my oh my, this rhyme was to be polite
but I think I shall close it, call it good night.
Never let green elven children near any poem,
especially those with rings on fingers, bell on toes
for where it will go not even Dr Seuss knows.





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