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Childhood 2: Creating Wonder

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Only a child believes 
that a jar of released
fireflies will become

That the calico teddy bear watching
the still lake with you knows every
creature in the
100 acre woods

That the too big straw hat
will never blow off your head
when running through a
field of lilacs.

That the biggest fish ever caught
is the blue origami one you hooked
with your yellow magic wand from
your bathtub

That every clear stream will,
if you reach down deep enough,
yield up
gold and diamonds.

That every tree will bough
to your reach and grant
you only its best

That you can summon
all the world’s bird simply
by flapping
your wings.

That with a hug your
friends will never leave,
parents will never die
and that the world
will always love you.





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  1. caroline46 Avatar

    Bravo Jon, this works on every level hut for me it makes me want to hug it.

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