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Phorcys Claims Medusa for the Sea.

Image credit Melis Manav.
Medusa’s soma  falls 
into the Aegean,
almost into
the fatherly arms
of Phorcys,
almost close
to the sobs
of her sister gorgons,
their monstrous grief
now deformed
into the cursed shriek
that is human terror,
that is the horror of
all human existence.

Her soma’s splash
releases a thousand stars
upward to the moon.

Perseus looks away
lest the Ohia viper curls
held high to the sky
and slithering
on his right arm
turn him to stone.
Still, a side glance
fossils his heart.

He will abandon his wife.
He will abandon his consort.
He will abandon himself.

In disgust he will
toss Medusa’s visage
to the heavens
for Athena to catch
and plant on her shield.

Below, Medusa’s soma
releases an incarnadine flow,
birthing a herd of frys.
The young seahorses
bob to her collum
forming a red fin
at Phorcys’ command.

Gently the fin will swim down,
gently a school of aqua leaf fish
will form a regal cushion
until she settles a red anchor
on Phorcys’ soft belly,
that body that is
the Aegean Sea floor,
the once crib now her crypt.

The frys will sail to the surface
an equine cloud that breaks
into a glorious white,
the white that is Pegasus
flapping his wings
to meet the arch
that will harness him
to Apollo’s sun chariot.

Phorcys commands the red weight
to form pods of lobsters.
In the dissolve a light pours
forth from Medusa’s heart.

Perseus sees a glint
break the surface
and the trireme
that will sail him home
being formed,
and behind,
the Argo of Jason,
the black sails of Theseus,
all those who sailed to Troy,
including Odysseus’s dozen,
all those doomed
to war and adventure.

In the distant mire below
the Three Fates appear,
their threads flowing
in the bright ebb
forming halos.

Sea stars and florescent moon fish
sprout from Medusa’s collum.
Phorcys unable to hold
the squirming mass of life
commands it to be still.

It becomes silent,
flattens itself,
develops gills
and sea wings,
a stinging tail.

It’s beautiful
and fierce,
full of everything
Phorcys loved
in his daughter.

He watches with pride
as the stingray effortlessly
floats away from him
into the brightness
of her new kingdom.





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The Road to the Sea
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