The Moya View

Celestial Fission

Image © Daniel Munteanu
Jonathan Moya reads Celestial Fission
the hardest thing to hold on to,
forms our guardian angels,
the ones that sway us
to our favorite tree,
settling each branch
in a sugary light.

We scamper
towards it, all the dust
of sun and star reflecting
golden in our faces,
adorned in the
red and white regal robes
of our younger self.

God particles
surround us,
their soft collisions
cooling on our skin,
filling us with dreams
of things we may
never know again.

For now,
we fly on our
given golden wings
into our angel’s sway,
for they called us little birds
and we believe their very word.

We soared
with them in their heaven,
pausing only briefly
on a branch of sky
to sit and cuddle together,
whispering how they
value us in our ears,
their gift to us held tight.

the farm shed
our parents call us
and we settle on
the vernal, yellow
nimbus of earth for
one last celestial dance—

and knowing the empty pair
of red and white dance shoes
they gifted us, that are sitting
on the floor like a callus,
will someday be given a
reason to move once more.

Inspired by the photos of Daniel Munteanu:





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