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Lallo Dreams in the New Ways

(I liked the word baize so much that I created a poem entirely around it.

Lallo Dreams in the New Ways read by Jonathan Moya
Lallo assembles the town in his head 
all in shades of green, white and gray—
grass, walks and streets scarring stories
on the old sacred hills
of high steel huts
with Bianco Carrara walls and long halls
filled with plains of baize tables, silver machines
and nightmares of blue cavalry.

(I liked the word baize so much that I created a poem around it.)

Lallo is a Native American Kiowa name meaning “little boy.”

Bianco Carrara is considered, both in Italy and abroad, the Italian marble par excellence. This whiteish-gray stone is extracted from the Apuan Alps in Carrara where there are the most known millenary tradition quarries in the world.

Baize— a coarse, typically green woolen material resembling felt, used for covering billiard and card and gaming tables.

Blue Calvary refers to the color of the uniforms of the U.S. army soldiers from 1830-1890. Many Indian massacres and force relocations to reservations were carried out by these blue U.S. Army regiments





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